Sanondaf South Lanarkshire is an associated partner of Sanondaf.  The initial concept was developed in 2008 by a cleaning company in Malta following an enquiry arising from an established hospital cleaning contract. A local general hospital required a proven solution to remove 100% of bacteria and viruses (Hospital Super Bugs) that were evident within the establishment. Although the existing cleaning contract applied the best possible disinfection protocol as standard, evidence of bacterial infection still remained. Following extensive investigation, it was discovered that bacteria could be found in very difficult places to treat such as TV air vents and computer monitors. Using conventional cleaning methods was not completely resolving the issue, hence the inspiration for Sanondaf was born; there had to be more effective solutions to disinfect. Sanondaf, the brand, was created following research into the most effective products, and methods of applying, against infection and cross contamination.

SanoChem effectively eradicates the following:  MRSA, Norovirus, H1N1 and H5N1 (flu virus), Clostridium Difficile (C-diff), Escheria Coli (E-coli) and many more.

Watch the video below showing how our touch-less disinfection works:

Our Infection prevention and decontamination treatment provides a touch-less disinfection system that kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould. This is delivered using our innovative, leading edge hydrogen peroxide fogging and electrostatic spraying system, combined with a patented and approved disinfectant, SanoChem. Used as a supplement to traditional infection control measures, such as manual cleaning, SanoChem is 100% environmentally friendly and poses no threat to humans, animals or plants. SanoChem is also non-corrosive and is safe & recommended for use on electronic devices and equipment.

SanoSeal certified guarantee a sign with a powerful message The bold SanoSealed mark is a guarantee that SanoChem disinfectant is being used with SanoFog or Sanotatic to supplement infection prevention measures, like manual cleaning, with unique and powerful room surface disinfection.

Our mission is to provide Gold Standard Hygiene to help people live, work and play safely, by reducing the risks associated with infection and cross contamination.

We achieve this through our commitment to using the highest quality products, fully trained SANONDAF Technicians and continuous product development.




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